Frequently asked questions

Why should we book with The Tribe?

The Tribe takes all the stress of planning a trip, and handles all aspects of your trip. The combined experience of our team and feedback from our thousands of past clients gives us the perfect recipe for an unforgettable experience.

How do I Book?

To proceed with a booking please click on"Book Now" button on our Website Homepage on any Excursion or Experience you are interested in. Once we recieve this, your request will be actioned.

How long do I have to pay after booking?

You have 48 hours after the recievle of the follow up email to process payment for your reservations. If payment is not recieve within 48 hours, you will be required to submit a new reservation.

How can I contact you?

If you need personal assitance we are happy to help. You can either email us at or you can call us for a consultation call via Whatsapp 832-982-8942

What if I don't hear from you after I make a booking?

We respond to all bookings requests. Its possible our emails may be filtered out by some Spam programs, so please check your Junk folders just in case. If you do not recieve a response from us please contact us via Whatsapp 832-982-8942

What if I have a special request?

With the Tribe anyting is possible. If you have a special request please refer to our "Contact Us" tab on our website and share with us your request.

What if I need to cancel or amend my booking?

Booking traveling more then 30 days out will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit based on our suppliers terms at the time of confirmation with the balance owing payable 30 days prior to travel. (due date) Prior to due date, the balance owing may be paid by one of our payment options. If you cancel 30 days or less prior to booking you will not recive an refund for your booking. Bookings made within 30 days of travel are payable in full by our payment options

How late can I book an Experience or Excursion?

We require you book atleast 30 days in advance. Anything later, we charge a $30 rush fee and require full payment upon booking. Deposit option is not availible with bookings 30 days or less

What if the weather is not permited for my Excursion?

Obviously the weather can be variable no matter when or where you travel. Climate information can give you a good guide to average temperture and rainfall date. We strongly recommend you research the climate of the date you are expecting excursion and take caution. Our vendors make sure the weather is permited before launching any experience


All refund request must be in writing, and made direct to us. Claims must be made within 10 days of completion of travel arrangements. Refunds will not be made for bookings cancelled due to inclement weather or illness unless advised by the vendor. A $50 per person processing fee applies to all approved refunds. No refunds will be made for services once travel arrangments have commenced. No gurantee is provided or warranted that any refund will be availible.

Reporting of Incidents

Any abnormal incidents including injuries, service problems, cancellations of a service or dissatisfaction must be reported to the Tribe during the event to all us an opportunity to recitify the situation or provide assistance

What if I don't have any of the payment Options?

We accept online bank wiring from Zelle and $Cashapp. If you do not have these payment options we suggest finding someone who does.

Is it availible?

Due to differing Excursion systems, live availiability cannot always be checked at the time of quoting and the time lapse between your quote and booking request can mean a excursion can be booked. Your booking request are automatically sent (24 hours a day) to our suppliers for confirmation. Final confirmations on booking request are generally within 24 hours (up 48 hours on the weekends) Until you have recieved confirmation of your booking, it is on request basis and your payment will not be processed until final confirmations.

What clothing shoud I pack for the Adventure Package

We highly recommend athletic attire for the Adventure Tour with close toe running shoes. This tour is high impact, don't wear anyting you mind getting dirty or wet

Can I join a tour late or early

Its extremely difficult if not possible to join a tour after it has begun. It is possible to leave tour early however you wil be responsible for your own arrangments from the moment you decide to leave the tour. You would also be responsible for all costs associated with joining a tour late or leaving one early. If you feel this is necassary please consult with a Tribe member.