Top 5 Instagram Worthy Places in Tulum

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Tulum is one of the jewels of the Mayan Riviera, popular for its historic ruins, vibrant culture, party scene, and gorgeous ocean views. But the natural wonders of this jungle paradise are complemented by a high-end design and culture scene that’s booming in town, with top architects and designers taking inspiration from the local culture to create bold, new innovative places to appreciate art, hit the dance floor, or get away from it all. Here are my top five beach clubs.

1. Ahua Tulum

Daniel Popper, an installation artist from Cape Town, South Africa has created "Ven a la Luz" (come into the light) detailed wooden sculpture of a beautiful women whose torso sits on a Tulum Mexico beach, seemingly opening her heart to welcome those who come to see her.

2. Casa Malca

This luxury hotel on the Caribbean coast of Mexico was once a mansion owned by Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. Casa Malca, a stunning Mexican hotel near Tulum, was bought by renowned New York art collector and gallery owner Lio Malca in 2012, which makes it a perfect aesthetic for instagram shots!

3. Selina's

Know for the beautiful wooden tunnel that leads to paradise. Nestled between the sacred Tulum port ruins and Sian Ka’an’s nature reserve, the beachfront location is a hub for music, art, wellness, and culture.

4. Clandenstino

Tulum is known for its Jungle Gem's, the Cenote's. Clandenstino is the only bar/beach club with a cenote right in the middle of the club with swing hovering of the crystal clear waters. It is a place illuminated by a cenote where a chandelier full of magic and mysticism is reflected. Its def a must go!

5. Tulum Swing Sign

This brand new art installation is right on the side of the road, about five minutes or so before you reach downtown Tulum at Cervercia! Even though it's newer, it definitely makes it on the list for best places in Tulum to take photo

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