The Tribe Tulum presents Tribal Thursday at Radio Tulum

You can "Bank on It!" as the infamous Burna Boy would say.

There's no denying that Tulum is a beautiful place but what makes it even better is to see beautiful people dancing under moonlight as DJ Spicy mixes the hottest AfroBeats songs known to man. And all of this is going down on a Thursday..."Tribal Thursday" to be exact!

What can members do?

"When we first arrived (to Tulum) you could not hear any AfroBeats music being played at all. We started playing the beloved AfroBeats WizKid, Burna Boy, Davido and the people loved it! Next thing I know, we are packing out Tribal Thursdays". says Ryan Small

In "Tribal Thursdays" newest edition, The Tribe Tulum has partnered with the infamous "Hotel Radio Tulum" Restaurant & Bar for a live stream broadcasting accompanied by an eclectic dining experience. If you have never been to Hotel Radio Tulum it reminds you of the dopest Williamsburg's spot in Brooklyn NY...think "Freehold" meets "Kinfolk" and top that off with a smorgasbord of Indian cuisine.

Lauren from NY says "We danced all night long! My girls order the full menu of Indian Cuisine. It was so good I fell asleep, woke back up and danced some more. It was a Vibe!!"

If you are in Tulum or making plans to visit, check out The Tribe Tulum's "Tribal Thursday" at Radio Tulum and if you are not able to make it, we got you! You can live stream the sounds of DJ Spicy at Radio Tulum on Radio Tulum app and YouTube.

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