Why Women Should Travel Solo!

Did you know traveling empowers women?

When the goal of the day is only to satisfy your desires, this is when the self care game changes in your life.

Here are our 5 top reasons why women should travel solo.

1. Experience different Cultures

This expands the mind an makes you open to different walks of life. It gives you a different perspective on life, culture, spirituality and also helps you understand privilege, gratitude and where you stand in life. Seeing what other cultures value as important, really helps you evaluate and self reflect on your values and morals. 2. Self Care

Engage in self care! Making the collective choice to experience anything for yourself is a form of self care. The most amazing thing about traveling solo is that you don't have to adjust your time and when you do things for anyone. You are on nonstop train for everything you want and when you want it and this is the highest form of self care. Indulge in the foods you want, enjoy solitude and recharge and discover yourself. This gives you time to bring focus to your emotional and physical needs and nurture them. 3. Conquer Your Fears

The more you experience, the more understanding you receive, this builds tenacity. We only fear things we do not understand. Conquering our fears welcomes risk taking in your life and eliminates the fear of failure. Trying that food you always wanted to try, testing out the local moped, or even skydiving over Caribbean Sea can open your eyes and welcome unforeseen opportunities that may come your way. There something about being in a new country solo, that gives you that internal push you need to go out there and experience it all! 4.Build Worldwide Community

We can't stress enough how beautiful it is to meet other solo traveling women in the midst of your travels and you end up bonding and having the most beautiful experiences together. we have met life long friends through my travel and now have developed an worldwide community to travel with. Traveling allows you to sift through the mix and really find yourself around like minded people who enjoy the same things you do. We have met women from Canada, France, Germany, Spain, the list goes on. Now when we travel to these countries we not only have place to stay but a personal tour guide to give the same experience we had when we first met. This is the beauty of solo travel.

5. Build Confidence If we didn't get anything else from Solo Travel, we definitely built confidence. It taught us to feel comfortable adventuring alone, taking my self out on dates and socializing with strangers. We have learned how enter a room and fill it with being comfortable with my own skin. My confidence has killed a lot of fear and anxiety of feeling unsafe as a traveling women. Owning the streets I walk on and the restaurants I walk in, not only create an aura of protection around me but it makes me fit in. We may not know where we are going or what we are doing but you will never know it.

This concludes our tips of traveling solo. Its time to take that trip girlfriend! You don't have to wait for your friends or significant other, you deserve to be pampered and experience that experience when you want it and how you want it.

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